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 Every day you give of yourself to the school district and children you serve.  You deserve something for all of your hard work.  Why not give yourself a present?  Active dues are $10 a year, you could give yourself the gift of knowledge, networking, collegiality and up to date training and information relevant to your job! Or join as a life time active member for $100.00.SASBO offers Associate membership to those individuals from the business and industry sector that believe in the Association's mission and wish to provide support through participation in the Association's events and functions. Associate members dues are $250.00. Come be a part of the SASBO family.

Just to name a few, your membership in SASBO provides you with:
•    Access to the On-line Resource Center where you will find up to date RFPs, presentations on topics from activity funds to about anything you are needing..
•    “SASBO News”, a quarterly newsletter filled with information about current events, news from the 12 member states and feature articles on best practices.
•    Networking: One of the many benefits of SASBO is that of networking. Networking enhances interpersonal skills, increases efficiency, builds confidence and establishes relationships with those who have mutual concerns.

To take a phrase from the MasterCard commercial – All this adds up to PRICELESS!  I cannot convey to you how much you will benefit from joining SASBO; it will increase your skills and refresh your spirit.
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