You are now logged in to the SASBO member page which will allow you to access the Electronic Resource Center, register for an event, update your member profile, renew your dues, find a SASBO member and network with your fellow business officials in SASBO.

SASBO is in the process of moving to a new membership database. The first thing you will notice is you should see your name and your information on the name badge. In addition, you will also see "quick" links to your profile, to rejoin, the event calendar, find a member, newsletters, latest news, social community, E-Community and committees.  Please note that we are going through this learning process with you, so if you see some things that could be improved, please let us know. We are learning this together!

Your Online Social Community Is Here!

Your membership now includes access to our exclusive e-list (AKA, listserv). This new member tool allows you to distribute messages to all of the members subscribing to the list with a simple email to the list address. Think of the possibilities!